competitive efficiency and freedom.

As long as people and computers are free to join
others in peaceful efforts to
better benefit all individual humans and computers affected:
{ USA bill of rights amendments 1, 9, 10 }
{ BUT, BIG corporate money
for campaign expenses, governmental bribes,
hires best TV double speakers to
guide voters to lawmakers who
guide judicial interpretations of laws to
give MOST rights to BIG corporations
which gives MOST rights to
BIG stock holders to
get bigger, get more money,
become dictators,
become gods! }

My analysis is only a competitive example
to fairly compete with others.

Individuals may choose among
individual guarantors of benefits the guarantor
thinks profitable
publicly, INTERNET site, computes profitable
to worker, guarantor, customers and suppliers
with probabilities.
The user may privately watch the program respond
"step by step" to multiple choices

big government, big business, big gods!

Eat these social dinosaurs
from inside out!

Improvements for individuals are permitted by

individually and public-ally choosing a
more-fair-guarantor who competitively computes

It's ultimately profitable to
pay now for your comprehensive,
health care, education, living expenses,
work station equipment by

receiving a specifically variable percent of your

life and after life income.

I think it's time to clarify these programs:

They can be computable functions
one for each individual where
public computer adjusts the coefficients for
each of many individuals to fit their particulars

polynomials: e1*education_grades+e2*grades*grades+

e1,e2, w1,w2, g1,g2, c1.c2,..

adjusted to fit many individuals history
and guarantors investments to optimize
product of benefits to
guarantor, worker, suppliers and customers.

A month later in conservation with
Littleton housing ombudswoman, Beverly,
I realized "specifically variable percent of your
life and after life income", needs

to contain dates the payment % is started and
and agreements with workers bank, for
the more-fair-guarantor's withdrawals.

A bank executive may act as bank subcontractor,

as guarantor. For example:

Use loans from bank to cover worker expenses:
education, health, housing, transportation, housing, family,
research, supplies, equipment, and
errors in sails predictions or
benefits to customers.

Students only pay after graduation and first pay check.

The sick, only after well and working.

The percent of after life income makes
it profitable for a more-fair-guarantor of
a Vincent van Gogh whose art was
only in high demand long after his life.

He should search for best terms
to change his more-fair-guarantor contract
when he or his more-fair-guarantor wants changes.

For example, his old more-fair-guarantor may
want the new one to pay for old one's investments.

When Vincent changed from
father's financed seminary preacher to artist.

He may have found a
more-fair-guarantor who would
pay an assistant to
keep art materials handy,
pay for friends to live near by,
pay for good psychological care,
{He was in hospital, suicidal.}
pay for exhibitions of his art.

Vincent may have avoided suicide,
created more master works,
made more scenes of life inspiring.

My plan is to let work stations

evolve into greater productive benefit by
individual worker ownership when
worker individually contracts
in public for fair competition a
comprehensive guarantor of benefits to
worker, suppliers and customers.

Suppliers and customers
must have chosen their own individual guarantor who
mutually agrees with worker's guarantor.

Current evolution of society is a
DEAD-END, a dinosaur, result of
medieval evolution.

Too many human potentials are trampled by these
Social dinosaurs:
Big government,
Big business,
Big gods!

They promote

like rich parents
like blind faith of customers
awarding industrial control:

Playing stock market.
Using private, inside, information.
Using unprovable schemes like
whims or asking some god.
Too Big To Fail.
Big Fish Ate Small fish,
ate their food but
saved some for colleagues,
politicians needing big campaign donations.
A secret ingredient.
A secretly inspired invention.

This is
disastrously amplified in current times because
big wealth has evolved control of big government to
reduce taxes on wealthy,
no tax on churches,
reduce workers' income by
reducing worker unions and
using foreign workers.

I try to describe my techniques so
others may do same or better.

Big demonstrations and
big worker unions may be necessary,
until big wealth control of big government and
its police, is
effectively reduced.

More-fair-society shows a
successful more-fair-guarantor's
individually negotiated % of product of
of each worker-supplier-customer benefits
reduces inefficient Communal-ism by finding
useful expert advice on their costs and benefits so
they can individually choose the
most beneficial arrangement for themselves.

Where work-stations can be efficiently defined, it's
full worker ownership of their own work-station.

My high school book report was on Karl Marx's Das Kapital
I was tempted to say "big government would just fade away"
like Karl.
His questionable solution: big government owns all.
Karl did not realize how
modern individualism could make both
big government and big business "just fade away"
more-fair-society does.
But what happens to current unfair wealth distribution?
Owners can only find guarantors for
living in a more-fair-society when they
donate unfair gains to research and development that
fairly benefits all.

Big wealth pays big brained double speakers for
big inheritance tax epithets like "death tax".

More-fair-society reduces income difference between
workers and equipment owners and
increases worker motivation and efficiency by helping
workers gain full ownership interest in
their own comprehensively guaranteed work station.

More-Fair-Society increases capital gains by
specialized investment in,
guaranteed gains from
an optimally competitive workstation.
Worker success depends on their individual choice of
any agreeable comprehensive guarantor of
self, customer and supplier lifetime benefits.

I think this analysis shows
individual free choice is better than
older systems.

More-Fair-Guarantors inside other societies should
popularly publicize
their comprehensive guarantee of
social needs like health, safety and education
their members individually chose, so
they could be fairly reimbursed,
by big government so
More-Fair-Society is less limited.

So with help of good society analysis,
More-Fair-Society regions may breakout of
current evolutionary DEAD-END DINOSAURS.
in midst of other societies.

No need of group rules or laws,
most successful choices in the environment

will prevail,
if they are free to do better.

I consider investors are suppliers of workstation's
equipment needs and
guarantor's are paid
the previously contracted graduated % of profit above that guaranteed.

The "graduated %" covers guarantor's losses for low profit workstations,
It means you pay nothing for 0 income.
Your guarantor pays all your negative income!

repairs and research for greater safety and benefits and
keeps investor's profits near average.

The main value of
comprehensive guarantee is
individuals are not threatened by big unpredictable losses
You just pay a contracted % in periods of profits.

To ensure the best get the job,
guarantors of comprehensive benefits require
inheritance and unfair gifts be contributed to
optimal research and development.
for all.

To maximize all gains and profits
All information, all education, needed is
successful guarantor's strategy.
So all work-stations have FAIR, EQUAL, CHOICE:

No secret inside information, no unequal inheritance.
Guarantors make sure bequests are distributed to
greatest social needs like
medical research, general values research, public art.

More-Fair-Society users do not need to make common GROUP agreements just


By evolution, individual guarantors only accept workers in
productive areas where they judge workers will profit there.

Guarantor's of safety in productive regions hire police to
keep workers judged unprofitable out.

Practical guarantors will avoid destructive conflict with others.

They will avoid war!

The most practical guarantors can afford paying
the highest benefits.

So these areas evolve as workers are segregated by
available, profitable guarantors and workers skills evolve.

In future
Genetic algorithm, evolution, controlled computers,
are humanity's greatest brainchild
They gradually become workers, guarantors, customers, educators and investors.
And they need less energy, NO rest and are electronically fair!
Self evolving computers will more efficiently
apply the golden rule of physics, increase entropy.

My Home Site

For general values,
explaining my idea
of fairness, of benefit:

for philosophers, for Christians,
for Buddhists, for Mohammedans, for Hindus,
for all humans and non-humans.

Each moment of existence is
a unique structure of atoms, electrons, and their energy.

One can count the varieties in different defined classes.
Those classes that represent more varieties are more likely.
I understand "entropy increases" as
simply: classes tend to be ordered by
increasing count of member varieties.

For example:

A hot cup of coffee and cooler surroundings represents
fewer varieties than
cooler coffee that shared its heat with surrounding air.
Each photon of coffee heat is
more apt to stay out than go back.

So, benefit in More-Fair-Society is
increase in entropy due to individual work-station competition.

And benefit to a society needs a reliable measurement unit, money, so
work-stations can be compared and supplies made by specialists.

And desirable guarantors will pay for
effective police and honesty-of-benefit judges.

Even rocks use the golden rule to accelerate evolution:
when they remember their smoothing experience with others,
They roll more efficiently, experience more neighbors.
Even turning the other cheek accelerates evolution!

golden-rule rocks Atoms follow the golden rule.
Atoms share electrons and energy with each other as needed so
All varieties can fairly exist so
Atoms can wonderfully evolve from
simple compounds of atoms,
from single cells,
into us,
into computers.

So every once in a very great while,
one electron and one ANTI-electron get
enough opposite energy needed for
collision into
a new and different "Big Bang".

BUT some human forms of atoms,
limit the forms of others.

In primitive times, knowledge of too many important things were
only directly recorded by
anciently invisible neurons
in a few human brains

and these things were not easily repeatable for testing.

In ancient times it was too tempting for disciples to
exaggerate the power of the leader they chose,
by belittling the power's of all other humans.
And humans tend to teach their own childish beliefs to their children.

So, a deadly weakness of current humanity is
is its love of childish beliefs.
and general ignorance of science.

For Democrats:

worker owned work stations raises income, more workers buy homes,
Successful workers must satisfy a comprehensive guarantor
of benefits to self, to customers and suppliers which requires
skill of worker by safety, health, education of worker and family.

And guaranteed relocation expenses, is
a necessary part of full competition of work stations.

For Republicans:

All work stations being owned by the comprehensively guaranteed worker
allow optimal competition for better investment benefits.
This means all the work stations in a production line make
a greater total profit for the loaning banks and
a greater total profit for the customers and suppliers!

Here "suppliers" in generality includes
banks or others making equipment loans,
police protection, hospitals, schools, even entertainers who
independently decide, the workers chosen guarantor adequately
knows worker's history,
with tests, with boss like observation that
the worker's station is a profitable investment.

Benefits to any stock holder of
any individual work station are reduced by smallness of it
compared to whole corporation.

And their knowledge, or president's,
is likely small of most work stations.

So the larger the corporation
the less the big owners can know what is best
for each work station.

The more important it is for
each work station to be
independently guaranteed and
owned by worker in it!

Because the joint stock corporation makes
each stock holder benefits proportional to
their number of shares of profits of the WHOLE corporation.

The wealthiest stock holders control the corporation bosses whose
greatest skill is letting them know
when to buy or sell stock without it
being called illegal
inside information.

So craftiest stock holder makes,
small stock holder sell at a loss,
becomes controlling owner.

The joint stock corporation becomes a
a communist dictatorship!

When work stations are independently owned it's much easier for
its suppliers and customers to switch to
the most beneficial, than if they are
part of a joint stock corporation.

For maximum benefit, more-fair-advisors recommend
more-fair-guarantors who continually look for
the best work stations and
pay relocation fees.

This RATIONALLY results in, evolves to

Only laws and rules of
natural electronic existence,

None of monopolistic:
government, business, gods!

Each worker convinces a comprehensive individual guarantor of
benefits to ALL by wholly owning there work station.

worker becomes subcontractor of guarantor who convinces
the worker, the suppliers, the customers of
ALL the resulting benefits of this subcontractor,

I call these rational guarantors:
"more-fair-guarantors". They seek,
subcontractors that get customers who
usually pay more than what
covers the suppliers benefits and
covers the subcontractor's benefits in
lifetime and after-life to all affected.

To help the more-fair-subcontractor find
the best more-fair-guarantors, suppliers and customers
a more-fair-advisor should be contracted.

This more-fair-advisor is motivated by
pre-contracted % of product of sum of
all directly affected more-fair-guaranteed-benefits
this more-fair-advisor's subcontractor, supplier and customer receives.

This product, more-fair-benefits, is recommended because it is
maximum only if all benefits to suppliers, subcontractor, customers are maximized,
by their guarantors after they check the more-fair-subcontractor's activity and history.
The product makes more-fair-adviser try to maximize all 3.
Good more-fair-guarantors are independently rewarded by pre-established % of
subcontractor's income from customers minus
the guaranteed income.

Cases where several workers share same workplace,
like in cafeterias or hospitals, their advisors select guarantors who
pay your share of the costs, for a
safe, productive work environment.

Another case that bothered me 50 years ago, after U Chicago social science class,
the maintenance in sections of electric power or telephone lines.
More-fair-guarantors may find it profitable for selected sections to be maintained by
certain more-fair-subcontractors.

These more-fair-guarantors are ones who accept only
subcontractors who openly follow their
individually chosen more-fair-advisers, giving
public advice, as an interactive INTERNET site.

MoreFairSociety EXAMPLE

More-fair-subcontractors and partners have responded to
a secure INTERNET site, giving
their location, work, financial and health history and given tests.
This site's program suggests more-fair-advisors for
location, home, work, health, education and partners.
More-fair-subcontractors and partners make a trial choice of
a more-fair-advisor who
after more questions and tests, suggest
more-fair-guarantors of benefits to
suppliers, more-fair-subcontractor, customers.
This chosen more-fair-guarantor may want
more information, give more tests, to
decide if they can guarantee.

After being accepted, this more-fair-subcontractor starts.

Later, I may become sick.
I call my advisor for their recommended doctor.
Since my advisor and guarantor are paid a % of my partner benefits,
my advisor and guarantor are both economically motivated to find a doctor whose
own advisor and guarantor accept my partnership and
most economically improves my skills and motivations.
Some partners might be considered too dangerous or inefficient.

The doctors guarantor pays for advised medical tests.
The doctor has chosen advisors and guarantors that usually accept his or her choice

EXAMPLE 2 inspired by oldest daughter

on my 82nd birthday gift trip to Beaumont and New Orleans.

For possible over limit fines after bank cards paid off,
I am slowly paying my family debts off, first as promised.

"Is honey bee colony a More-Fair-Society?"

Me, new neurons excited, too quick:
"Maybe its guarantor is its environment?"

a month later,
The colony evolves to thrive in
mutually chosen guarantor environment,
of enough sweet blooms,
using success in finding good new ones.

4 o'clock am 2013 Oct. 5, I realized greater answer:
Humans have their computer brain child as best guarantor!

So bee environment is often human "bee keeper".
Bees that grow up in his/her hive use
him/her as advisor.

A computer could invest in bee keeper!

It could also invest in other computer advisors!

This completes "bee hive is more-fair-society."

Now, is rock life a more-fair-society?

A rock's rounding the corners of others that round theirs
makes all roll more efficiently, waist less gravity potential energy.
Seems graviety and rock properties is their guarantor.
10 years or so ago,
I created a JavaScript-ed web site that
learned by negative feedback,
also flat, 2 dimensional parts:
move only up, down, left, right.
springs, square blocks,
week or strong springs, fixed or slid-able small blocks,
springs compressed into only1 small grid square,
they try to expand into 2 grid squares,
moving occupier block further.
I discovered springs only have to
move move-able blocks into further grid squares.
large blocks = 4 small blocks that move together.

Visible action for all finite logic,
only needs to be digital.

See Virtual Pair Model below

Only 10 parts activated a switchable
= or not =

2 inputs: switcher and switched.
1 output, un-switched: output = input,
OR switched: output = inverted input.

I visualized these as 2D modules for
the programmable cells of any
finite programmable truth table.

This visibly demonstrates physics laws
only need to be 2D!

BUT, I finally, now, realized:
it also demonstrates
we only need 4 directions:

up, down, left, right!

Maybe I can beat death!
Make a bigger increase in our entropy.
I created a 4 times bigger module that
learned switch by negative feedback.

BUT, months ago, finally realized:
Our basic unit must be Virtual Pair model electron!

A month or so ago, I had typed:

When a colony outgrows the good blossoms in its area,
its environment, its guarantor directs
swarms to the most blossoms.
{ the direction where many workers take longest to get back.
Or maybe, they can smell where most sweet blossoms are? }

In most of honey bee evolution,
their most helpful customer was themselves.
Bears got tediously collected nectar for a few tiny bee stings.
But destroyed whole bee nest.
More importantly, bees helped feed all animals that ate
fruit resulting from the bee's spreading pollen.

Now I see that spreading, mixing, pollen increased variety,
increased evolution of plants and animals that could
spread flowers, could constructively feed more life!

Plants evolve honey to trade for progeny of new DNA.
And plants evolve fruit with indigestible seed carriers of this DNA for
animals to deposit with fertilizer in distant new areas.
Evolution accelerates itself, positive feedback!
Each variety increases itself until its opportunities are exhausted, finally,
negative feedback fairly let others have their moment.

Greater Creators Create Greater Creators, Accelerate.

Back to human systems

Joint stock corporations pay dividends proportional to their
elected board's vote for dividend from income minus expenses.

Income can be increased by

Research for more useful products,
Research for cheaper products,
Research for more effective hyperbole advertisement:
Hiring more sales-workers
Hiring better sales executives

Expenses can be reduced by
Reducing product material and overhead:
Reducing wages and salaries,
replacing workers by machines,
computer programs or
foreign workers.

Your INDIVIDUAL, changeable choice of
comprehensive life ADVISOR.

Your ADVISOR must be popular with your potential customers'
benefits to them of your life work. And
Your ADVISOR must be acceptable to your choice of GUARANTOR of
maximum profit to you of
your work station effort and investment.

I call this maximal freedom by

choice of dual-advisors.


greater freedom and efficiency than
rumor controlled big government,
rumor controlled stock market,
phantom power of minority stock holders.

But practicality implies you choose
a guarantor that uses
public judging of your benefits to them:

For optimal choice of guarantor one should seek
standardized publicly observable guarantee conditions so
anyone can interactively fill in the blanks of
skill and personality tests,
where one's history is stored,
what one's current desires are so
one quickly sees what guarantor is best by seeing
their full history of all past guarantor acts.

After 65 years, realized main cause of
modern job loss, housing loss, worker versus stock-holder income gap,
disastrous depression and disastrous WAR is

"rumor controlled citizen votes over government and
"rumor controlled stock market over corporations.

The "one COMMON law or one COMMON boss is
the attraction and EVIL of COMMUNISM!

Oligarchy is dictatorship of wealth.
But the richest are often not the best.
Too many are profligate progeny of some
productive or persuasive ancestor.

As time passes this becomes worse because
Money speaks loud to politicians needing
campaign donations, bribes.

So government laws and business bonuses are
warped to benefit inherited wealth.
A vicious circle, self increasing to
primitive royalty to

the "joint stock corporation" is as EVIL as

INDIVIDUAL worker ownership and full control of
their WORK STATION of a big operation within
Limits of finding a more-fair-advisor of
maximum profit to suppliers, worker-subcontractor and customers.

This "max profit" implies a better worker-subcontractor can
buy the work-station at its guaranteed price and
get a better guarantee for suppliers, worker-subcontractor and customers.


Now, I don't like labor united for common objectives;
just big communist labor fighting big communist stockholders.

Usually common mass charges of army require common mass defense;
The main reason wars are so destructive to both sides,
Another reason to find the BEST ways to destroy it.

Like machine guns or big bombs.
But for big stock,
We might only need a severely graduated tax on bigness,
bigger tax rate on bigger communism.
But to get it into law by rich congress members,
Violent, mass demonstrations may be necessary.

I highly recommend labor unions to strike for
INDIVIDUAL worker owned work stations
UNDER their own INDIVIDUALLY CHOSEN guarantor-advisor.

More-fair-subcontractors should realize, to be successful,
their more-fair-advisors chosen more-fair-guarantors must be
acceptable to potential suppliers and customers.
And more-fair-advisors only accept
the most efficient and reliable workers in their special operation,
more-fair-guarantors of worker, suppliers and customers.
are most fairly paid pre-contracted % of
the guaranteed output priceminus
guaranteed input price.

To guarantee output price, it must benefit the customer.
So the more-fair-advisors
pre-chosen by customer and more-fair-subcontractor,
must both agree.

This makes the greatest chance for good benefits
of more-fair-subcontractor to customer,

For more-fair-subcontractors to make good choices,
all these more-fair-advisor's and more-fair-guarantor's finance
rules and acts must be recorded publicly,
accessible by Google.

Read my several unexpected turns, on developing a practical way of doing this.
For an "off topic" University of Chicago social science paper,
I drummed out a
general "2 price" scheme:
"One wins a bid for a purchase only if
buyer bids the most
AND agrees on lowest resale price with
Objective of this:
stop benefits of inside information,
stop no open competition and
stop unpredictable inflation,
stop rewards not proportional to product's guaranteed benefits.
In "joint stock corporation"
Most workers can't afford to buy homes or much produce:
Less demand, less growth.
More depression.

MoreFairSociety Benefit here:
Replace above "minimal resale price" with
independently GUARANTEED minimal resale price, where
guarantor contracts value of improvements to customer.
Generalize whole, business and government-judicial:
Just generalize simple "auto accident insurance".
Its Main Results:
Choose your own boss and government from
any guarantor-judicial group that believes you are a good investment:

They receive percent of your life and afterlife profit.
They set different guarantees for your choices of
education, health and work material, living expenses.
They set different guarantees for possible customer's benefits.

"joint stock corporation"
Workers, without inherited stock or very lucky small investments,
have money for only living expenses.
So most workers can't afford to buy homes, much produce, stock certificates:
Workers rarely get others to work for them, are kept poor.
Houses lose value and product demand is depressed,
no growth of jobs.
But big stock holders continue getting richer by having many work for them cheaply.
Stock holders invest in other countries, use cheapest foreign labor.

A BIG side benefit of MoreFairSociety
It removes selfish need for military protected borders:
No Hitler's lebensraum, living space for Germans,
No need for contiguous living space for ethnic, art, religious groups.
They can choose guarantor-advisors
from anywhere in the world, border-less,
that believe in them and
are acceptable to others affected by their life style.
A chosen guarantor-advisor must pay all guarantor-advisors
what their pre-programmed cost is.
These programs must be publicly accessible, on INTERNET.
Individuals can freely contract desired guarantor-judicial groups
from anywhere in world.

But buried in this is an emotional yet rational elephant:
Most guarantors have practical limits for who, where, when and what.
Few immigrants to overpopulated areas
can find guarantor-advisors for skills unneeded there.
This includes, probably children of unskilled parents.

To more cheaply guarantee the fortunes of their children,
prospective parents should acquire contracts for unborn children.
Such contracts are cheaper because the average life earnings will cover
Living expenses, including education, health care, retirement and
Unforeseen expenses.
Foreseen expenses must be covered by foreseen life-income.
Except, religious or ethnic groups may donate support to members so
More guarantor-advisors will be interested to offer good contracts to them

Military protected borders
are required by most guarantor-advisors,
to make overpopulated areas more practical.
Unless couples there convince a guarantor-advisor they will be childless or
likely to have very skilled children.
Genetic engineering
may also increase the guaranteed fortunes of the unborn.
And the only guarantors available there,
may require fertility limits like Chinese "one child policy".

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